Employment Application Form

Personal Details of Applicant

Contact Numbers and eMail

Part 1: To be completed by those with current or past overseas operational or non-operational service

Part 2: To be completed by Medical Officers/Nursing Officers/ Enrolled Nurses/ Paramedic Officers

Note :It is a condition of employment that all clinical contractors maintain their professional registration.
Failure to do so will result in instant dismissal or refusal of employment.

Part 3 : Disclosure of Personal Particulars and Talent Release

Permission is hereby granted for Anodyne Services Australia to take photographs, vision and or audio of me and publish the work in any form, in whole or in part and distribute to but not limited to, media, internet, other multi-media uses for reasons of publicity or advertisement of the company.

I understand and agree that any photographs, vision and/or audio of me may be publicly accessible by persons accessing such sites. It is understood that no fee or payment will be provided for giving this permission and any claim for remuneration, residuals, royalties or any other payment is waived.

Part4: You must provide details of your criminal history
Should further information be required from another State or Territory, you may be required to obtain further information via the freedom of information processes of the applicable State/Territory. The Human Resources Manager, where required, may also conduct criminal history checks.

Part 5: Disclosure of Personal Medical History
Due to the nature of work, Applicant’s with some conditions or extensive medical histories may be precluded from obtaining a position, office or status within the Company. All information contained within this application is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed or transmitted to any party or agency. All successful applicants will be required to pass a pre-employment/deployment medical examination which will be closed off by the Medical Director or a nominated Medical Officer prior to being accepted for employment or deployment outside Australia.

Have you now or have you ever had any of the following?

Please Note: On some sites, it is expected that employees and contractors will undergo random drug and alcohol testing. Please read the section “General Conditions of Employment” at the back of this kit for further information.

Part 6: Reference checks:

Referees may be contacted as part of the final selection process to verify information and increase the amount of data, relevant to the final selection criteria. Any referees you nominate must have been in a direct supervisory position to you and will only be contacted for successful interview applicants.

References will not be accepted from ministers of religion, friends, relatives or other persons unless you have been under their direct supervision during a period of employment. You are required to provide at least 3 referees.

Referee 1

Referee 2

Referee 3
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Applicant’s Declaration

1. I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, all the information provided in support of my application for employment is true and correct.
2. I understand that an updated copy of my resume and supporting qualifications must be attached for this application to be valid.
3. My application contains certified supporting documentation and statements referring to all criteria outlined in any specific job description and where necessary documentary proof of citizenship.
4. I hereby authorise the Human Resources Manager or delegate to contact my referees, as listed for further supporting information regarding my application. I understand that all information gained from my referees will be kept in strictest confidence and not transmitted to any other person without my direct permission.
5. I understand that should any of the particulars furnished in this application be found to be false or misleading in any material way, action may be taken to withdraw any offer of contract. If the applicant has already been appointed, he/she may be asked to show cause as to why their contract should not be terminated.