On Site Emergency Medical Response

Timely, efficient On Site Emergency Medical Response is the cornerstone of saving lives. ASA has provided emergency medical response in challenging environments including Afghanistan, Australia, Iraq, Papua New Guinea and Southern Sudan, delivering the highest quality of care to staff in organisations from the US Military, Interoil, Rio Tinto, QGC and the Jordanian Special Forces. Our team has the experience to travel to the harshest, most remote and dangerous geographic locations without hesitation, to keep your team safe.

By taking the time to understand the unique environment where an organisation operates, ASA can implement specific strategies and plans to ensure the right response when it matters most. When an emergency occurs, ASA ensures that a well coordinated evacuation plans are in place.

ASA’s team members are highly trained professionals who are credentialed through ASA clinical governance and recency of practice as integral components. Whether ASA responds to emergency responses in Kandahar, Afghanistan or the Surat Basin, SE Queensland our Medical Response team our team are consistently prepared to respond.

Some jurisdictions such as Queensland, Australia call for Paramedics engaged in emergency medical response and who administer drugs to be compliant with a Commercial Paramedic licence (such as the one ASA possesses). This high standard applies to all ASA Paramedics who are required to undergo regular competency tests as well as evidencing yearly ongoing skills maintenance.

Many ASA projects call for a small footprint and many of our Nursing Team, possess the experience and capability to also provide emergency medical response. Whether a dual qualified paramedic, or an experienced ex-military operator, ASA can provide a small foot print, with a large and effective outcome.

Engaging with trusted partners, patients, community stakeholders and leaders is a core component in ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of our response teams on a global scale

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