On Site Customised Health Solutions

ASA’s quality of on site customised primary health care and emergency medical response is driven by a high calibre team passionate about keeping your team safe. Being qualified, capable, experienced and understanding what it takes to succeed in remote locations ensures you that the best possible care is provided at all times.

Remote locations often lack the adequate medical infrastructure to service an organisation’s medical needs. From treating snake bites to mental health consultation, ASA has the ability to function as a temporary medical infrastructure when and where it is needed.

Underpinning our fantastic team is a medical governance framework that applies to all projects providing the best level of service and completion of duties, no matter where we operate. ASA’s standards are both consistent and flexible, where they need to be, and can quickly be expanded, or contracted, to meet changing needs and priorities as they develop within the work environment.

ASA’s approach to clinical operations has proven to uphold the highest standards, while remaining flexible to the needs of the client at the beginning, during, and at the end of the contract cycle. The team looks forward to the opportunity to learn more about your needs and how ASA can become a part of your team.

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