On Site Occupational Healthcare

ASA’s quality of on site occupational healthcare comes down to our incredible staff. We are a tight knit team, recruiting only the highest calibre of medical professionals that deliver primary care with a passion. Possessing expertise in medical and geographic nuance, rest assured that injuries more prevalent to your industry can be treated by our staff.

Primary care is the most important step in the medical chain. The first consultation with a patient can determine the cause of an injury, its severity or if further medical attention is needed. Our doctors, nurses, paramedics and healthcare professionals have worked in both civilian and military environments. They know how important timely recovery and accurate diagnosis is to minimise staff downtime, the core source of chronic productivity loss for many organisations.

Remote locations often lack the adequate medical infrastructure to service an organisation’s medical needs. From treating snake bites to mental health consultation, you can trust us to provide the medical infrastructure when and where you need it.

Due to the high standard of staff ASA recruits, our primary health care team can also provide for emergency medical response. By having a light foot print that provides for primary health care, emergency medical response and training, ASA’s aim has been to provide the best value for its clients.

Our consistent standards are both replicable and flexible: we can quickly expand and contract to meet your needs as they change, making ASA your partner in health.

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