Our Services

The Company
ASA’s mission is to provide a wide scope of contract medical services, training and consultations, with the aim of preventing injury and illness in your workplace. ASA provides services to suit your needs, whether you require a single paramedic or a full team of doctors and nurses, ASA will provide support anywhere.

Our aim is to keep any workforce healthy and safe by drawing on our wealth of experience in some of the world’s most inhospitable regions. This experience allows our team to operate with proactive and consistent efficiency in challenging and potentially dangerous environments.

The Team
ASA’s medical team comprises of experienced doctors, nurses, paramedics, and a range of other healthcare professionals who excel in both civilian and military work environments. Since our inception in 2004, we have worked on contracts for NATO, The United Nations, the US military, and leading multinational resource sector companies. ASA also recruits multinationally so that teams can be formed according to specific project requirements when required. ASA appoints staff based on experience and expertise, therefore we provide the best care and support. ASA medical teams provide primary health care, emergency medical response, advanced life support, vaccinations, Return to Work Coordination and medically focused training.

ASA medical teams consists of proactive, competent, and experienced doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, paramedics, as well as a range of other healthcare professionals, who have worked in both civilian and military environments.